Tamiya 1/35 German Tiger I, Mid Production

MiniArt 1/35 German Tank Crew France 1944
SK Miniatures 1/35 WSS Tanker
I wanted to create a scene depicting a Tiger I’s final moments of a battle, defending a strategic area, somewhere in Germany as the war in Europe is drawing to its end and the noose tightens around the remaining German forces.
Every detail involved is a vital asset to the depiction of the mood and atmosphere of the scene. Elements such as:
The Tiger tank ablaze with its crew fleeing in panic, realising the futility of their situation as their commander reluctantly refuses to give up, fighting back using only his sidearm.
The once bold propaganda posters that boasted the might and zeal of the Third Reich now saturated, torn, tattered and in a state of ruin, symbolising the state of the nation’s downfall.
The remnants of a weak defensive line within the rubble, shell cases upturned helmet and abandoned MG-42 suggests  that a previous engagement from its defenders were not victorious. 
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